Selling on Candide

As a seller in our Marketplace, it is essential that you are honest about:

  •  What it is you are selling 

  •  What condition the item is in and whether it is new or used

  •  The availability of the item

  •  The price of the item

Create a Great Listing:

Here is a list of guidelines for creating great adverts that can be trusted and relied upon by potential buyers. 

  • You should give as detailed a description as you can about the item, including its condition.

  • Describe any defects, faults or issues there may be.

  • Any picture of the item in question should be as recent as possible, so that any potential buyer can see it’s current condition.

  • Consider carefully what your item is and try to put it in the most appropriate category.

  • Each listing must only contain one item for sale. Multiple items must be in separate listings, the only exception to this is a ‘Job Lot’ listing.

  • Items posted for sale must include the correct price, stated clearly within the listing. If you are willing to post an item, any postage costs must be included. You’re welcome to invite near offers, but no bids.

  • Please remove any duplicate listings that you have of the items.

  • Aim to meet to swap in person, Candide is a community and we encourage our users to meet in person whenever possible.

  • Close the listing once the item is sold.

Staying Safe in the Marketplace

Here are some good tips to help you stay safe when using Marketplace.

  • When requesting funds from a buyer, be sure to check your account after you’ve received a confirmation email, before posting an item. If, for any reason, the money is on hold, it should show as on hold in your account.

  • Be wary of emails requesting:
     - You to confirm shipping details and tracking numbers with them before they will release funds.
     - Bank details to confirm a payment has been received from you.

  • If you use an online money transfer, know what is or isn’t covered before making a transfer. Some online services have default protections in place for both buyers and sellers, however they may not be available for all types of sales. Learn more about buyer and seller protection on their websites and understand if you’re covered before completing a transaction.

Prohibited items

Candide Marketplace is focused on plants, gardening equipment, decorations, furniture, supplies and services.

The following items and categories are not to be sold using Candide Marketplace:

  • Alcohol
    Any beverage containing alcohol, including beers, ales, spirits, liqueurs, wines, ciders and pre-packaged cocktails.

  • Firearms, Weapons & Explosives
    Including any accessories, such as ammunition, silencers and hunting equipment.

  • Live Animals
    Including farm animals, cats, dogs, fish, rodents and snakes.

  • Animal Traps or Poisons

  • Drugs
    Including any foods or drinks containing any drugs, and legal highs, prescription drugs/medicines, any items designed to help or aid the use of taking drugs.

  • Tobacco & e-Cigarette Products
    Including filters and e-liquids.

  • Gambling Services

  • Virtual or Fake Currencies
    E.g. FIFA Coins.

  • Digital Goods
    Including domain names, online accounts, vouchers and gift cards.

  • Items Promoting Hate
    Any items promoting discrimination or stereotypes of a particular group of people.

  • Stolen Goods

  • Tickets
    Any tickets for travel or events, including e-tickets.

  • Listings with commercial intent
    Including donations, adoptions, and lost and found.

This is not an exhaustive list and will be continually updated. There may be other items which are not listed above which do not belong in our Marketplace. We reserve our right to remove any listing which is not in the community spirit of Candide.

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