What happens to my Garden Membership during COVID-19?
At time of writing, all Memberships are valid until their current expiry date.

How can I add a second adult or children after having completed registration?

Please ask a member of staff who will be able to help you. You can also message us directly through the App and we may be able to help you, providing your receipt shows you have purchased a ticket for the person you would like to add to your Garden Membership.

Can I get a free Garden Membership without visiting the garden?

No. You must have a valid receipt showing the purchase of a day pass for each adult and child you wish to add to your season ticket.

I purchased days tickets for more than 2 adults or 4 children how can I add these to my Garden Membership?

If visitors pay for entry for more than 2 adults and 4 children we encourage you to contact either The Newt in Somerset staff, or message Candide support staff through the app. As long as your receipt shows you have purchased a ticket for the people you would like to add to your Garden Membership, we can do this for you.

Can I add anyone as my second adult to my ticket?

Candide allows you to add any adult as long as full details are provided, and valid day passes have been used.

Are there any restrictions when I can use my free Garden Membership?

Yes, the Memberships will have an expiry, which is a year from date of purchase.

Do I need to already have a Candide account?

No, you can sign up to Candide during the membership process.

Do I need a Candide account to use my Garden Membership?

Yes. We require you to have the Candide app installed to be able to present your valid Season Ticket.

My Garden Membership is marked as ‘invalid’ or ‘expired’

There may be an issue with the receipt you used to validate your purchase. Please email our support team support@candidegardening.com with your name and postcode. We will review why there’s been an issue and contact you directly.

How long with the Garden Membership last?

All Garden Memberships are valid for a year from the date of redemption.

What happens if I change my phone and I can’t access my Membership on the day of visiting?

When you reinstall the Candide app, enter your login details you used to create your account. Your ticket will be available again for you when you visit the ‘The Newt in Somerset’ screen.

What happens if I forget my phone when I visit?

Please talk with the staff at the ticket office and they will ask you for your details.

My partner added me to their Garden Membership can I visit for free without them?

Please talk with the staff at the ticket office and they will ask for your details.

My child is going to turn 16 before the 31st December, is this ok?

Yes, they will still be able to use the child entrance until the 31st of December.

If you have further questions

Please email us: support@candidegardening.com and we will gladly help.

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