Our aim is simple: to connect local plant sellers with our community of plant lovers. Now, it’s our priority to make sure suppliers are able to continue selling safely and responsibly during these times of change.

1. Arrange a contactless collection

Found a new plant nearby? Arrange a convenient place to meet for a socially distant exchange. Before you arrange this, please carefully consider the following guidelines to safely complete your purchase in person.

Our guidelines for a contactless collection:

  • Always remember to wash your hands before and after meeting, and avoid touching your face (eyes, mouth, and nose).

  • Pay using Paypal (or another digital payment service, like Monzo) via the Candide Marketplace messaging service to avoid taking cash payments. Here's our guide to taking payment through Candide. If you’re using cash, place in an envelope to keep it simple and reduce the risk of handling money.

  • Try to avoid unnecessary travel by having only one person leave their home to complete the purchase e.g. meet at someone’s home address.

  • Or if you'd feel more comfortable, meet in an open public space, but check that you can safely maintain a distance of at least two metres from others.

  • Consider wearing a face mask or covering, if you’re meeting in a public place.

  • Stay home if you don’t feel well, and do not meet up if you or someone in your household displays symptoms of coronavirus or other respiratory illnesses.

2. Offer a plant drop service locally

If you have a vehicle, consider offering a local plant drop service. It's a great way to safely get your plants to buyers, without posting them. Buyers seem to love it too - what's better than a new plant arriving on your doorstep?

Don't be afraid to charge a little something for your time and petrol too, particularly when covering a radius of more than 3 miles. The costs can start to add up!

3. Switch to online sales with courier delivery

You may not have considered sending your plants in the post, but many can be safely boxed up and delivered. Here’s our guide on how to package your plants for safe delivery, along with how to use couriers.

Worried about your plants getting damaged in the post? We've got you covered. We cover all sellers with our plant delivery insurance, so just remember to keep your proof of postage in case you need to claim.

New EU guidelines mean that any plants moving in the UK need a plant passport. If you are professionally breeding, or selling plants then you have to be registered as an operator - this is free and you can find out how to register on the Government website.

4. Take payment digitally using online services

Taking payments remotely using an online payment platform such as PayPal is the safest way to take money. You can easily send to others in just a few steps, using their email address or phone number. Make sure that the payment has been processed before sending the item. For more details, see payment (T&Cs).

We hope this will not be the case, but in case you do need to report a user, you can do so within our in-app messaging (see below for guidance).

5. Use the in-app chat for any discussions

It’s nicer to talk in person, but for now, keep any discussions via messaging in the app. You can discuss how they will receive their items, when they may be able to expect to receive it, and send any tracking links you have, if you're posting the item. Keep in mind that postal services are taking a little longer at the moment, so it may be worth reminding your buyer of this.

6. Keep your listings updated

Now that you’ve read our safe selling guidelines, remember to update any marketplace listings, so it’s clear how you will get your items to customers. Write any delivery or postage options clearly in your description to avoid disappointed buyers!

If you are a small business and would like to know more about using the Candide Marketplace, or you would like some support on how to adjust your marketplace listing, ping us a message at marketplace@candidegardening.com.

Stay safe, keep growing and adhere to latest government guidelines.

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