If you’ve opted to be able to check out visitors, you’ll do this in the CMS.

Using the check-out feature you’ll always know how many visitors are in your garden at a time. This is great if you’ve had visitors arrive at the gate who haven’t purchased an advance ticket, or you want to know how many visitors are still in the garden at closing time.

Step 1.

To check out visitors simply click ‘check-out visitors’ in the sidebar or click the arrow symbol in the top right corner of the check-in page.

check-out visitors

Tip: If you're on the check-in page and want to swatch to check-out, you can click the arrow symbol in the top right.

On the check-out page, you’ll see the total number of visitors that are in the garden right now.

Step 2.

To check out a visitor, simply click the check-out button once for each visitor you want to check-out.

And that's it!

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