We make it easy for you to upload your SKU's in bulk using a CSV. Get in touch with us to find out more about a bulk upload solution for you today.

Step 1: Log in to your seller portal using this link

Step 2: Download the template

Click on the Import Products tab on the left hand navigation in the seller portal and download the template as illustrated below

Step 3: Complete the template

Make sure you save your file as a CSV

Step 4: Upload your csv

Step 5: Consent to our terms and conditions

At this stage you can select a category and the publication status to be applied to all your SKU's as per below

You can also select the category and publication status on a listing by listing level

Still not clear? We can help get your import live!

Drop us an email to merchantsupport@candide.com with the subject line "Bulk import" - we'll just need two things from you:

  • Your Candide username - please check you provide this correctly, as we'll use this to set up your listings.

  • A file with updated listings, ready for us to import.

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