If you're a business or individual looking to set up a shop on Candide Marketplace, you'll need to set up Candide Payments to start making money. It's quick and painless to set up, and this step-by-step guide will show you exactly what to do next. You'll also gain access to a new seller dashboard to manage your orders.

The great news is that we're extending our 0% platform fees until Spring 2021 🎉 , so you can use Candide Payments completely free of charge. Our new payment system is powered by Stripe, which means you won't even need to worry about the usual Paypal fees! Find out more.

Please note: if you were previously set up as a seller on our beta programme using Paypal for Business, you will be required to switch over to our new payment system by Monday 18th January 2021, as our current beta payment system will expire.

What to do next:

1. Check the requirements of using Candide Payments:

There are just a few requirements to start using our payment system. Please make any updates to your Candide shop and your live listings before applying below.

  • You must offer UK wide delivery and include this in your listing price - it's best to update your listings to say "Free delivery" or "Delivery included in price" to let buyers know that your listing price is the final cost they will pay.
  • You may not include external links leading to other sites, including your website, social media and other selling platforms.
  • Your listings must adhere to our guidelines, which can be found here. This includes using inoffensive plant names, and listing individual items and variations of that item separately, so it's clear what is for sale.

Have you said yes to all of the above? Great, let's get you set up!

2. Apply to gain access to Candide Payments

Unless you've received an email already inviting you to start set up, you'll need to apply to join Candide Payments so we can check you meet the requirements above.

Please complete your details below to request access to Candide Payments and a member of our team will be in touch soon to complete your set up.

How to complete set up

Once approved by a member of our team, you'll need to update your Candide app. When your update is complete, please open the app and you should now see this pop-up. Tap "Connect" to start your Candide Payments set up.

This will take you to Stripe, the payment platform behind Candide Payments. You'll need to complete your details here and follow the steps to create an account. You may be asked to verify your account.

Stripe will take you through the following stages to complete your sign up to Candide Payments:

  1. It will ask for your phone number and email address. You should use the email address that you want to receive order notifications to.

2. You’ll then receive a 6 digit verification code to your phone which you’ll need to enter on this screen.

3. You’ll then be asked some details about the type of business you are running, and your personal information.

4. Finally you’ll be asked for business details and payout details. Please ensure that you set your payout currency to GBP.

5. You’re all set up! You may be asked for further verification details, but if this happens it should only take a few minutes.

Now that you're all set up with Candide Payments, you have access to our new Order Management system. Have a look around or take the full tour using this support guide. As always, if you get stuck, please don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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