How to complete set up

Once approved by a member of our team, you'll need to login here.

Navigate to the payments tab on the left hand navigation panel:

This will take you to Stripe, the payment platform behind Candide Payments. You'll need to complete your details here and follow the steps to create an account. You may be asked to verify your account.

Stripe will take you through the following stages to complete your sign up to Candide Payments:

  1. It will ask for your phone number and email address. You should use the email address that you want to receive order notifications to.

2. You’ll then receive a 6 digit verification code to your phone which you’ll need to enter on this screen.

3. You’ll then be asked some details about the type of business you are running, and your personal information.

4. Finally you’ll be asked for business details and payout details. Please ensure that you set your payout currency to GBP.

5. You’re all set up! You may be asked for further verification details, but if this happens it should only take a few minutes. Your Payments tab will now display as per below

As always, if you get stuck, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at!

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