There is no fee associated with creating a shop front and featuring your products on Candide. We only will charge you a 10% flat fee for successful sales.

Unlike other selling platforms, the 10% Candide platform fee is inclusive of any costs including marketing your products and payment processing fees. There will be no hidden extras.

Gain exclusive access to new shop management tools

By setting up a Candide Marketplace Shop Front, you'll also gain access to more advanced seller tools, which will help to take your Candide shop to another level. These include:

  • Full access to a new Selling dashboard, making it easier to manage your orders

  • Your shop will be live on the web at and seen by thousands searching online each month

  • Your shop will gain a single seller shopping basket, encouraging buyers to purchase more from you and add more items to their order

  • Free paid advertising to your listings on external platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Instagram, set up by our marketing specialists who know exactly how to get your business in front of the right people.

Remember, we're only successful as a Marketplace if you are too! Apply to set up Your Candide Shop.

If you have any questions about the cost of using Candide Marketplace or how to get set up, please get in touch with us at!

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