Since we launched last year, Candide Marketplace has always been a free platform to use. If you're looking to sell or swap the occasional plant, our in-app chat is still free to use and will continue to be so.

For those who are selling more frequently or are a business on Candide Marketplace, you'll need to set up Candide Payments to start taking payments and managing orders through the platform.

Introducing Candide Payments

Candide Payments is being offered for an extended period of 0% platform fees, until March 2021. It's completely free to set up payments, and you'll gain access to more advanced seller tools, including a new dashboard to manage your orders.

From March 2021 onwards, a small fee will be introduced for sales made through Candide Payments. Unlike other selling platforms, this fee is inclusive of any costs, so there's no hidden extras. Our fees are simple and transparent, and only apply when you make a sale.

Our new fee structure (from March 2021):

Current fees

From March 2021

Listing fee



Platform fee


10% (minimum fee of £0.40 applies)

Advertising fee



Say goodbye to Paypal fees

Those who were previously part of our payment beta programme can switch to Candide Payments now, and take advantage of 0% platform fees until March 2021. You can say goodbye to any Paypal fees, as Candide Payments is powered by Stripe, which comes at no additional cost to you.

Gain exclusive access to new seller tools

By setting up Candide Payments, you'll also gain access to more advanced seller tools, which will help to take your Candide shop to another level. These include:

  • Full access to a new Selling dashboard, making it easier to manage your orders
  • Improved notifications, with new order emails, app notifications, and automated purchase confirmations for your buyers
  • Your shop will be live on the web at and seen by thousands searching online each month
  • Your shop will gain a single seller shopping basket, encouraging buyers to purchase more from you and add more items to their order
  • Free paid advertising to your listings on external platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, set up by our marketing specialists who know exactly how to get your business in front of the right people.

Remember, we're only successful as a Marketplace if you are too! Apply to set up Candide Payments and gain access to these features today.

If you have any questions about the cost of using Candide Marketplace or how to get set up, please get in touch with us!

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