Once you've placed an order, you may want to find out more information regarding its status, such as when it will be dispatched or what date it will be arriving.

1. Contact the seller directly

For an update on your order, or to check the estimated dispatch date, please get in touch with the seller directly. You can find the contact details for the seller you bought from on your order confirmation email (see below).

You may also wish to ask for tracking information so you can continue to keep an eye on your parcel as it makes its way to you.

2. Check the listing for additional information

You may also find other details, such as selected dispatch day(s) or couriers, on the item's listing. Each seller is independent and their listing info will vary.

For example, some plant shops only post live plants Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure they are not in transit over the weekend. This helps plants to arrive in their best condition and avoid any necessary delays.

3. Not resolved your issue? Get in touch with us

You should always contact the seller first, if you have a question about your order, as this will be the fastest way to find out an update or resolve any issues.

However, if you still have a problem once you've reached out to the seller or are unsatisfied with the response you've received, please get in touch with us at marketplace@candidegardening.com and we'll be able to assist you further.

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