Sending plants in the post is not only the most easy and convenient way to get new plants for your home right now, but the safest too. Plus, you get the excitement of unboxing them, without even leaving the house. Here's what to do next once your plants arrive on your doorstep.

1. Check your plants vitals 🌡️

You may not know anything about your new plant yet, so the first thing to do is take it out of its box and take note of its condition and how your plant looks and feels.

  • How do the leaves hold themselves - are they limp, curled, or perhaps rigid?

  • Is the soil wet through, damp or bone dry?

  • Are there any darker patches? Or lighter yellow patches?

  • Do any leaves need cutting off, or stems need supporting with a stake?

  • Check the roots - will it need repotting soon? Do they look healthy?

2. Learn about your new plant 📚

If it's a new variety of plant for you, chances are you won't know exactly how to look after it. That's why we recommend you find your plant in our extensive knowledge base and learn how it should look and feel.

3. Treat your plant to some TLC 💚

Now that you know how your plant should look and feel, think back to those vitals. Do they match? If not, give your plant some much-needed TLC and bring those vitals in line with how your plant should be.

For example, your new plant likes a fairly moist soil, regular misting, and some direct sunlight... Move it into a nice spot near a window with some direct sunlight throughout the day, give it fresh misting, and make sure the soil is dampened if it's feeling a little parched. Plant parenting is really just problem solving!

Still not happy with your plant's condition?

If your plant looks to have been damage in the post, please get in touch with the seller you bought it from. You can find their contact details on your order confirmation email. Send them some photos of the condition your plant is in so they can help resolve the issue as quickly as possible and decide the next step.

Final note: keep in mind that some plants may not look their happiest after a few days in the dark, and may take several days to a week to perk back up again. It's worth trying to treat your plant and give it what it needs first, before deciding its beyond repair. Plants amaze us every day at their recovery skills, so don't give up on them too quickly!

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