If you've been waiting longer than expected for your item and suspect it's been lost in the post, here's what you should do next.

First, make sure your item really is lost and not just misplaced on your end:

  • Ask your partner, housemates, or anyone else you live with if they've taken a parcel for you

  • Check your mail, in case a slip has been put through the door

Communicate with the seller you bought it from

Get in touch with the seller and ask for an update on your order. It's useful to find out when the item was dispatched, what courier was used and if there is a tracking number available. This should help determine the items whereabouts.

Sellers are generally very eager to help find the parcel - it's just as disheartening for them when a parcel goes missing.

Ask the seller to open a delivery insurance claim

If your parcel has been lost, the seller can open a delivery insurance claim with the courier (depending on the service they used) or claim on the Candide plant delivery insurance (up to the value of £20).

Other issues:

There may be other instances where a parcel was not lost by the courier, but you have not received your item. Common issues include:

  • Wrong delivery address or postcode provided to the seller - please check your order confirmation email to view details the order was sent to.

  • Seller input delivery details wrong - ask the seller for proof of postage to check the details they input were as you provided.

  • Missing delivery slip - if you were out when the item should have been delivered, the courier may have put a slip through your door to rearrange delivery or collect from a nearby collection point. If the slip is missing, ask the seller to log in to the courier online (if possible) to view live updates.

Resolve any problems

It's not always easy to resolve issues. That's where we come in to help. If you've reached out to the seller and have been unable to resolve the issue between yourselves, please get in touch with our support team, along with more details so we can help you without delay.

Tips for future orders

  • Ask the seller to send via tracked delivery, especially if it's an item of value. Some sellers may do this as standard, but it's worth checking before you buy, and paying extra for it if it's not included.

  • Double check your delivery address before placing the order to make sure someone will be in to receive it.

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