We know it's important as a seller that you know where your money is, so we've answered a few of your frequently asked questions below!

What powers Candide Payments?

Candide Payments is powered by Stripe. Stripe is a payments platform which provides the economic infrastructure to millions of businesses online.

I’ve received an order, when will I receive the money?

Candide Payments is on a 7 day calendar with Stripe. This means that there are 7 days between a payment being received and that payment reaching your bank account. However, they do make payouts daily, so if you’re making sales every day - 7 days after the first sale you should receive money into your bank account, and every day thereafter.

Where can I find my transactions?

On your seller dashboard, click on the banner that says ‘Manage Payments’

Why are my payouts not the same as my order values?

Candide Payments will often group transactions together. So if you make several sales on the same day, these might all show on your dashboard as one payout in progress.

Here is an example of a payment dashboard in the app:

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